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  • Kunle 11:56 am on March 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Linda Ikeji et al.: When Plagiarism Becomes the Cancer of Blogging 

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing… Edmund Burke

    I had a chance encounter with Pastor Paul Adefarasin at Elegushi, Lekki area of Lagos state last week on March 3, after 7 a.m., on my way to work. The Senior Pastor of House on the Rock helped in no small measure to ease the traffic flow along that route. I was quite impressed hence I took some pictures and wrote a short post on Facebook to commend him.

    The post generated tremendous interest on the social media, in line with the primary motive of encouraging people to imbibe good leadership skills and to always add value to society. However, in total contrast to the spirit of the message, some bloggers rather chose to seize the moment to commit atrocious acts.


    Original post


    A Google search and analysis revealed the depth of this bizarre act. One of the culprits is the blogger, Linda Ikeji, who is generally alleged to have a notoriety for plagiarism. Words could barely convey my feelings of disappointment on seeing the watermark and seal ‘Linda Ikeji’s Blog’ appended to the pictures I took, which I have copyrights on and which were lifted straight off my Facebook page! There was hardly a blog that didn’t latch on to the story in varying degrees. Stella Dimoko-korkus also partook in this. It appears that some bloggers resort to pathetic means to drive traffic to their sites. A number of them lifted my accompanying Facebook posts verbatim and also posted this on their blogs, while taking full ownership of the materials by draping their seals on the entire material. Isn’t it obvious we’re dealing with people of compromised integrity? It is bad enough to take a screenshot of my pictures, but even worse to copy the accompanying post, and publish both passed on as content thats original to them.I have nothing against blogging and I have benefitted from some wonderful blogs over the years. Furthermore, I blog @ http://www.kunleolabode.com, although the post in question was largely on my Facebook page, and wasn’t uploaded to my website. One of the bloggers also found his/her way to Nairaland to upload a screenshot of my Facebook post as well. Another blogger gave me credit for the post but erred in the appendage on the pictures. This is certainly wrong!


    How did we get to this sorry pass as a nation? A country and people that do not place a high premium on intellectual work are heading for the dunghill. The phenomenon of instant gratification, without painstaking effort, is distorting lives and eroding values among the youth. It’s quite easy for my generation to cry about a lack of opportunities and blame the political elite for the decades of rot in our system, however the truth must be told that there is a lot of irresponsible behaviour among so many these days and in this clime which inhibits the sort of progress enjoyed by earlier generations.

    Although, the EFCC is battling with fraud of immense proportions by ‘419ers’ and corrupt politicians, yet there is the need for us as a nation to pay closer scrutiny to the activities of some of the young men and women who nowadays have found a new line of vocation in blogging. The unfortunate thing about this group is the modus operandi employed to achieve their objectives: I’m not certain it’s just the conventional Get-Rich-Quick-Syndrome, and I sincerely believe it’s partly due to the lack of purpose and direction on the part of some. How does one explain the situation of a young man in the most productive season of his life prowling the internet for ‘just any content’ that will drive traffic to his site?


    I am not certain there is a lot of knowledge or enlightenment on the subject of plagiarism and its consequences in Nigeria, otherwise it wouldn’t thrive in this manner. It is not out of place to want to upload all sorts of “interesting” content to your blog, but when you have not originally generated this content, at least kindly seek the permission of the author/owner of such, or give credit to its source in your publication. It is time for a common sense revolution in this country; I have watched, with delight, interviews with bloggers from different parts of the world on foreign media outlets. You can blog with distinction through original value driven content, and be successful. If you’re not sure of God’s purpose for your life, please seek Him out and ask; blogging is not for everyone.

    This is the time for people to lend their voices towards the destruction of this cancerous outgrowth in society.


    Kunle Olabode

    • David 3:46 pm on March 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Kunle,
      I am a Nigerian blogger in the States.
      I read your article in premium times with extreme joy. I must confess how glad I am to see that al least one person shares my view on the pernicious trend of plagiarism and total vanity in Nigerian blogging. I stopped reading the blogs when everything became about bikini wears and buying range rovers. http://www.dddimas.com

      • Kunle 4:17 pm on March 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hello David,

        It’s nice to hear from you. You’re very right. The ‘blogosphere’ is saturated with junks in the country. It is quite unfortunate but that’s the pathetic situation at hand. Hopefully as we talk more on this issues and take appropriate actions where necessary, we can reduce it drastically

    • David 2:44 pm on March 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Kunle. Pleasure is mine. Will add your blog to the blogs I follow.

    • Jide Salu 2:56 pm on March 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Kunle,

      How interesting to read your views on Nigerian bloggers. Whilst I copy portions, if not whole content from News sites, I never fail to give copyright credit. I feel its right.

      My blog which was originally set up to tell my story as a returnee has moved on to become a news curator accompanied by my personal views.

      Nigerians have a way of turning an original concept on its head, thereby making it unrecognisable to its original purpose. Blogging is one of such concepts. When certain bloggers have apparently made ‘millions’, automatically, it is assumed its the numero uno and others, flock to not emulate, but copy the bad practice.

      I must say, I am no longer frustrated as I once was many years ago. Nigerians are uniquely different. Young minds are being shaped by these filthy blogs. Sponsors flock to these filthy blogs because, apparently they are well read.

      It is laughable to see how your FB write up was usurped by some bloggers. Incredible!

      Just thought I would get in touch with you.

      Well written post by the way.

      • Kunle 4:42 pm on March 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Hello Jide,

        Thanks so much for your response. I truly believe there is hope for this nation with this type of orientation. I didn’t want to release the post initially. However, all that changed when i saw the accompanying post on several blogs. Unfortunately,the airwaves is saturated with junks, yet the same persons who embrace such are the first to complain about lack of opportunities in the polity. There’s such a craze to be a blogger with total disregard for the place of ethics and value driven contents.

        Our value system is in dire need of rescue. If our generation can’t think of role models other than the disemminators of unhealthy messages, it’s a source of great concern. It’s true Jide, the advertising companies and corporate bodies seldom promote quality because it won’t always enjoy the level of publicity like junks. However Quality always prevails!

        Thank you so much. All the best in your endeavors

    • Contributor at 1Creek 7:49 pm on March 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Bang on cue! Seems like everyone who commented here are of like minds, and no bad comments yet.
      I wrote a similar article, but instead my critique was focused on Linda, and the reply I got was really bad.

      Check out Linda Ikeji is not a blogger.

      Would be glad to work with anyone here, and at Kunle . Please reply with your twitter handle.

  • Kunle 10:23 pm on April 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply  


    Its time to lend my voice to the Lagos Gubernatorial election scheduled for April 11th, 2015. In the words of the late legal luminary and Senior Advocate of the Masses, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, ‘The time to take an analytical and sober look has come, sentiment must not be allowed to replace reality and emotion must not be a substitute for the truth. ‘

    The fear and in some quarters disdain for the person of Gov. Tinubu will influence a lot of people at the polls this weekend. Let the facts speak- Lagos is on a progressive drive and not a reclining one as all indices indicate from the inception of democratic governance in 1999. Governor Tinubu did his best, while Gov. Fashola has taken it a step further with various developmental projects applauded by fans and critics alike. This is no mean feat irrespective of the IGR in Lagos state- let’s not forget the IGR is a by-product of hard work, dedication and pragmatic policies.

    A lot has been said about the person of Bola Ahmed Tinubu; while I understand his excesses, I also appreciate his strengths like other mortals who are not perfect. Come to think of it, if the creator has to wait for a perfect man before using him to advance his cause, who will the cap fit? Is it Noah the drunk or Moses with the fiery temper? No one is perfect under heaven. Nelson Mandela and Martin luther king Jnr had their weaknesses as well. Hence, I strongly believe if there’s anyone with reservations about Tinubu’s business interests in Lagos State, the person should head to relevant authorities to lodge a formal complain. Furthermore, the Freedom of Information bill will also aid you in no small measure.

    Another school of thought plan to end Tinubu’s godfatherism and hold on Lagos politics- I wholely support the quashing of godfatherism in Nigerian politics. However, to believe it will end overnight is to assume Governor Fayose is the President-elect of Nigeria. Systems evolve over a period of time and not in an instant as being desired. I do not believe the President-elect, Gen. Buhari is the messiah that we seek, nevertheless, he’s the best candidate we have at the moment. I believe the worst of Gen.Buhari may well surpass the best Goodluck Jonathan has offered us as a people. There is progress in the country, perhaps not at the rate we seek or desire- nevertheless, I believe with unity of purpose and dedication,we shall get to our destination as a nation.

    The process towards an effective state has commenced hitherto- One of the key players in this process is Governor Tinubu- Let us go down memory lane, when hurricane obasanjo swept through the Southwest in the year 2003, who held forth and survived the onslaught of the PDP rigging machine ? Tinubu. Who utilized every influence possible to claim back the stolen mandates with the exception of Ondo state? Tinubu. How did Governor Mimiko who lobbied for the support of Tinubu and allegedly made a promise to decamp to the ACN defeat Agagu? Tinubu. During the fight for the soul of the country during the dark days of Gen. Abacha, it was a man albeit abroad who played a vital role in the efforts of NADECO to rid Nigeria of dictator Abacha- he’s no other person than Tinubu.I have met quite a number of people who cite the Tinubu factor as the reason for their political Leanings against the candidature of Ambode come April 11th, hence the direction of this paragraph. I will not delve into the impact of Tinubu on the formation of the APC, a medium utilized to wrest power from the failure called PDP.

    For the past 16 years of democratic governance in the state,lagos has performed well irrespective of little or no federal projects in the state. The lack of Federal projects is in no small measure the handiwork of the lagos state PDP led by Bode George. They made it clear Lagos will only benefit from the PDP Government at the federal level if they held power at the state level. President Jonathan also alluded to this conspiracy when he promised to develop Ekiti state if Fayose won the last Gubernatorial election that was massively rigged in favour of the PDP in what is widely known as the Ekiti Gate Scandal. If the PDP wanted developmental projects to flow into Lagos state if and only if, it occupied Alausa utilizing its Federal influence, why shouldn’t the APC take advantage of its federal power to develop Lagos at the state level. I believe it will be the biggest mistake and a blunder at this stage to vote the destructive PDP into power in Lagos State.

    I have heard funny things not the least, we want change in lagos via Jimi Agbaje. It reminds me of the same school of thought that brought us to this present state where the dollar is at an all time high. During the 2011 presidential election, i heard from a lot of people, ‘we’re voting for Goodluck Jonathan and not the PDP’. I laughed at the funny disposition and never did believe the shoeless story that became his slogan during the electioneering process. The same is playing out today in the form and person of Jimi Agbaje- PDP is a destructive vessel, hence any passenger on board goes down with it. While I have nothing personal against the person of Jimi Agbaje, the ‘umblella’ he’s under is injurious to the development of Nigeria and invariably Lagos state.

    I was least impressed with Jimi Agbaje when he also echoed threats of war and destruction by the Jonathanians during the last presidential election. Jimi buttressed the evil threat to the Nigerian nation by echoing demonic sentiments of violence from the south of the Niger from clowns and terrorist who have at one time or the other carried arms against the state. When there was no developmental projects to lay claim to, Jimi advised us to vote for Jonathan because he felt we needed to weigh the perceived fall out from the presidential election. He even tried to advice us that the violence or mayhem from the Niger delta will be worse than whatever could come from the North. Is this the same Jimi Agbaje who wants to be the Governor of Lagos state or another? Please tell me it’s a different one.

    Are we also aware Jimi solicited for the support of Tinubu and when he was rejected,he decamped to the PDP? What kind of change can Jimi possibly represent in lagos- we must be careful with the change mantra as lovely as it sounds- I want change if it is good change, not the type being canvassed for on the altar of PDP. Moreover, who are those that will benefit from this ‘change’ in Lagos? Before i delve into this bucaneers, may i remind us how Jimi Agbaje won the Primary of his party in Lagos. There was an onslaught on the person of Obanikoro by Bode George and Ogunlewe. The process was massively flawed, else Obanikoro would have won the primaries easily. Jimi Agbaje is a beneficiary of a flawed process, yet we,re being promised change by the man that couldn’t abide by democratic principles and norms.

    It seems to me the only crime Ambode has committed is the Tinubu factor; my question is this, if Tinubu had endorsed Jimi instead, would you be comfortable with him or not? The choice of Ambode over Jimi for me is quite easy, it’s picking experience over inexperience. It is picking 27 years experience in the Lagos state civil service over a man who has never been a councilor of a ward in lagos. Lagos is too big a state for trial and error. Supporters of Jimi are quick to cite Governor Fashola as ‘inexperienced’ when he came to power. Nothing can be farther from this assertion- Permit me to delve into the background of Governor fashola- with a bachelors degree in law from the university of Benin and a legal career of one and a half decade in law firms such as Sofunde, Osakwe, Ofundipe, and Belgore where he gained diverse experiences to be conferred with the highest legal honour in the land, Senior Advocate of Nigeria( SAN). Governor Fashola also served the lagos state governent in diverse capacities in the following areas:

    Secretary of the Lands Sub-Committee of the Transitional Work Groups. 1999.
    Member of the panel of Enquiry into allocation of houses on the Mobolaji Johnson Housing Scheme at Lekki, 2000.
    Member of the State Tenders Board- 2002– 2006.
    Member of Lagos State Executive Council-2002-2006.
    Member of the State Security Council-2002-2006
    Member of the State Treasury Board-2002-2006
    Chairman Ad-Hoc Committee on the Review of Asset distribution among Local Government.

    He was Chief of Staff to his predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Fashola had during his tenure as Chief of Staff also dubbed as the Honourable Commissioner to the Governor’s office. He was the first person to hold both offices simultaneously.

    Now to the bucaneers- Some Lagosians are crying for the head of Bola Tinubu but invariably soliciting for the demise of Lagos state.I have looked round the political landscape trying to find a worst combination of political gladiators in a party but I can’t seem to find a worst combination than the trio of Bode George, Obanikoro and Ogunlewe.

    Bode George doesn’t need an introduction- his time at the NPA and prison speaks for him in no small measure, we don’t need more on this man who lacks integrity. Obanikoro has always been linked with thuggery- Lagosians haven’t forgotten the inferno that engulfed City Hall In 1997 under his tenure as the chairman of Lagos Island Local Government. I fear for the future of Lagos with men like Obanikoro . How about the Ekiti Gate scandal, does anyone need help to know the kind of man we’re dealing with? Lest i forget Ogunlewe who was sacked as minister of works and later endorsed Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for a 3rd term in office. These men will make Bola Ahmed Tinubu look like the Pope if PDP is voted into power.

    Not all that glitters is gold. . EKO O NI BAJE O.

  • Kunle 9:41 pm on July 21, 2013 Permalink  


    With Boko Haram in the North, National Union of Road Transport Workers in the South West, kidnapping and militancy in the South South; Nigeria is caught in a chain of events that could decide the future of our geographical expression to cull from Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Path to Nigerian Freedom: Nigeria is not a nation but a mere geographical expression.

    I have watched with disdain the crisis that has engulfed the Nigerian state for the past few months. The current events if not handled carefully will equate the civil war to a birthday party. All Nations go through challenges but the magnitude, scope and handling of the Nigerian thesis is quite baffling and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
    There is reckless breakdown of law and order in all the regions and walls of Nigeria. The south west region has a bride in the N.U.R.T.W (National Union of Road Transport Workers); a group that has grown in leaps and bounds in violence since its inception, thanks to the largesse and machinations of the politicians who use them for political gains. We have witnessed an avalanche of havoc and destruction of lives and properties courtesy of this gang. The only way out of this mess is to disband this group and establish a caretaker committee with the purpose of reorganizing and restructuring this unit to make it less attractive to what we have at the moment.

    Kidnapping has become a very lucrative trade in Nigeria with a headquarter in the Southern part of the country. Kidnapping has become a thriving business thanks to the amnesty it enjoys. From their days of humble beginnings, kidnapping oil expatriates, there has been a paradigm shift to kidnapping grandpa’s and even infants for money. Of course, there has been a lot of political support from politicians in a game of divide and conquer. The will and resolve to fight this cancerous growth is missing from the security forces. As long as ransom remains a dependable factor in kidnapping there will only be an upsurge in cases of kidnappings in the country.

    From the show of shame and incompetence on Independence Day credited to Henry Okah, the past few months has witnessed a rise in terrorist attacks by Boko Haram. Boko Haram has taken over the Nigerian polity with bomb attacks, prison breaks and destruction in a very unprecedented manner. Boko Haram has developed a reputation for exposing the weaknesses of the security forces. One would have hoped that from their inauguration in 2002, this terrorist organization would have become a thing of the past. July 2009, during the clash between the security forces and Boko Haram, a clash that claimed about 700 lives, Mohammed Yusuf the founder of Boko Haram was captured and assassinated in the custody of the security forces.

    You don’t need to be a psychic or a prophet to know the reason why a terrorist who should stand trial was assassinated. You don’t need a security briefing to know that his sponsors were behind it. The Political gladiators have created a monster in Boko Haram by impoverishing the citizenry and using religion as a weapon to buy votes. Boko Haram decided to put the inspector General of police to another Security 101 exam 3 days after he declared war on them; the result is the June 17, 2011 bomb attack on the police headquarters in Abuja. If the Police headquarter in Abuja can be attacked, where exactly is safe? There has been two more bombings by this sect; where are the Intelligence Agencies?

    Edmund burke was right on point when he said “All that is necessary for evil is that good men could do nothing.’’ One would be prompted to ask, what is the president of Nigeria, the chief security officer and commander in chief of the armed forces doing about these dangerous events that is tearing the fabric of the country apart?

    The Federal Government has embarked on a dangerous mission of negotiating with Boko Haram.Another crazy thing is currently taking place, police officers are currently been tried in court for the killing of some Boko Haram members. What about the police officers who have been killed by this terrorist organization? What about the churches that has been destroyed by this sect? What about the pastors that have been killed? What about the Imams that have been executed? What about the Innocent lives these criminals have cut short? What kind of government would prosecute her police officers to placate a terrorist organization?

    Negotiation with an organization that opposes western education and embraces sharia law is insanity. Nothing good can come out of it. Boko Haram can be likened to a cancerous growth in a man’s leg that is fast spreading; it has to be cut off to save the man’s life. The Federal Government must realize bribe will not solve this situation. This Administration must take the bull by the horns and wipe out any organization that poses a threat to the Nigerian state. The security agencies need training and funding to carry out their duties. Government is serious business; good luck won’t keep Nigeria safe.


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