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    This is a generation that seeks the spectacular; hence miss out on the supernatural. We have diverse churches springing up merchandising the gospel in the name of miracles. I am not surprised by these happenings neither should you because the bible clearly warns us about the last days-these are some of the manifestations.

    It is not hard to know what fuels these ‘miracle workers’ who feed fat on the sheeps’ they’re supposed to nourish, protect and nurture; the people are partly to blame because all they want are signs of the spectacular branded as miracles. To set the records straight, I believe in the manifestations of the sons of God; miracles are normal in Christendom and they should follow every believer according to the parting words of Jesus.

    Nevertheless, what we have today is people chasing miracles instead of the opposite- we’re supposed to work for God, teach the word while he confirms the word with signs and wonders. The craze for the sensational has led many sheeps to the slaughter on demonic altars disguised as pulpits of God.

    There are a lot of despicable things happening in the church of God today; while I admit it’s not a new thing, it has entered a new order. So many today are looking for the easy way in the kingdom; they want the fast-food life in the gospel. It doesn’t happen like that because our God is a God of order. There are no shortcuts in Christendom; there are processes necessary for the transformation or miracle you seek.

    The Pharisees asked Jesus for a sign; he rebuked them and told them the only sign they will experience is that of Jonah. He made them understand the only sign they would visualize would be his death and resurrection. In order words, that’s the only sign that really matters. Our affections must be on things that are above and not earthly things because, the things which are seen are temporal, but that which is not seen is eternal.

    Our lives must be word-centred; we must study to show ourselves approved and get a personal revelation from the word about Jesus Christ. Jesus once had a chat with his disciples asking them who people said he was: several names were brandished-he proceeded to ask for their personal opinion. Simon Peter rose to the occasion and declared,’ thou art the Christ’. Peter had a personal revelation of Jesus and it’s no surprise he became the head of the church when Jesus left the planet.

    Another wonderful example that comes to mind albeit funny is the sons of sceva; they lacked knowledge, hence, they were humiliated. They didn’t have a personal revelation of Jesus- they only knew what Paul told them, they didn’t know Jesus. Ignorance will cost you- knowledge is the key to power.

    I know your pastor is a wonderful preacher but you need to have a personal encounter with Jesus; thank God we have the Holy Spirit, our dependable helper and teacher who knows Jesus better than anyone-he’s ready to guide us into all truth about the master, the saviour of the universe.

    Jesus is asking us the same question he asked his disciples 2,000 years ago, ‘but whom say ye that I am?’There is no substitute for knowledge if we’re to succeed on this planet; they that know their God, they shall be strong and do exploit. Hallelujah!

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    Our Value System 

    Unfortunately, this is a fast-food generation-we want everything quickly without sweat; a culture of quick-scheme wealth pervades the length and breadth of our dear nation. I am not oblivious there are quite a number of persons who work hard and believes in delayed gratification; it is not a popular virtue any longer.

    Our value system is in turmoil- there was a generation that believed in hard work and they churned out highly intelligent elites in different sectors. Yahoo-Yahoo, 419ers and sycophants have taken over the scene and are being celebrated as ‘the ones’. A generation that has no respect for her intellectuals will have no place in history. The youths are interested in money by all available means- be it kidnapping, rituals….I am mindful of the immortal words of Solomon,”A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent. He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him (Proverbs 28:20, 22).”

    Pornographic music videos and lewd lyrics saturates the airwaves and it is received with the loudest ovation with arms wide open (apologies to creed) – and we wonder why sexual predators are on the loose. They are being fed by the thirst for immorality in the land- a video went viral on the net some few months ago; some kids partying and dancing in a despicable manner- just short of soft porn. This shows how far we’ve come as a nation.

    While the Politicians and so-called leaders employ ethnic and religious arsenals to divide the citizenry-unfortunately, the youths who should know better, help in the propagation of the hate message in a vicious cycle that doesn’t look like abating any time soon. Hence, we’re always having recycled and redundant products.

    The bible encourages us to be followers of those who by faith and patience obtained the promise-thus, I will like to cite some biblical examples because there is nothing new under heaven according to the son of the preacher.

    Achan and his entire household became a heap of waste because he took of the accursed thing. Esau lost his glory because he couldn’t embrace delayed gratification- he lacked vision, thus, he saw nothing wrong in selling his birthright for food. A lot of people have mortgaged their future in diverse ways.

    Saul lost his throne because he couldn’t wait for Samuel- he stepped into another man’s shoes and he lost his crown. May you not lose yours in Jesus name. This shows the danger in occupying the wrong office- it could lead to disaster. We have notable people in the society today in the wrong office and the people are suffering for it.

    The prodigal son went astray because he couldn’t embrace delayed gratification; he paid dearly for it- he feasted on food meant for swine because of his indiscretion. Conversely, Joseph refused to give-in to the devil and he became the prime minister. Abraham, our covenant father, rejected the offer from the king of Sodom to keep the goods and God rewarded him.

    Ananias and sapphira lost their lives
    because they lacked integrity- how many people see integrity as a worthy virtue today? In some circles you will be labeled as a fool for standing for the truth- that’s how far we have come as a nation. Daniel rejected the portion of the kings’ meat which was being offered to idols and God made him the prime minister.

    Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach-let’s embrace a life of holiness without which no man can see the works of God. Let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our father in heaven.

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    The Spirit of Knowledge 

    Knowledge is one of the most important pillars you need to excel in life. Infact, without knowledge others virtues will not profit you in life- We shall know the truth and it shall make us free. Jesus Christ explained to his disciples they had the ability to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. The disciples were engraced to know things others couldn’t comprehend. To walk with God we need the capacity to know the things of the kingdom. As a child of God, the Spirit of knowledge is available to help us understand how to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

    Without the Spirit of knowledge operating in the life of the believer it will be impossible to understand the word of God and appropriate the blessings. The Spirit of God reveals deep things of the Spirit to the believer.

    A lot of folks didn’t understand Jesus while he was on earth- the scribes felt he was crazy when he told them he would destroy the temple and re-build it in 3 days. They didn’t understand he was referring to his body not the place of worship. Jesus once inquired from his disciples’ peoples’ opinion of him- he got diverse answers, only Peter got it right. He made it clear the revelation came from God and not man.

    The anointing of the Holy Ghost gives us the ability to know diverse things because the Spirit of God is omniscient. The Holy Ghost is a teacher-with his help we can tap into secret things needed to excel in life. Jesus Christ operated with the Spirit of knowledge and he was a delight to behold; the doctors of law were amazed at the depth of his knowledge in the word and they marvelled because he was unlearned.

    Adam had the Spirit of knowledge operating in his life; he named the animals and his wife without formal education. Jesus Christ came to restore us to that very state of dominion and that’s the reason the bible says we have an unction from the Holy one and we know all things. In other words, the bible is telling us we have the capacity to know things beyond the capacity of the brain because of the Spirit of God.

    Joseph was armed with knowledge thus he fled for Egypt to save the life of Jesus. People perish for lack of knowledge; God wants to guide us and teach us how to excel in life. Adam ignored knowledge and he was destroyed; Lot escaped destruction because he took heed to the counsel of the lord; conversely, Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt because she ignored knowledge.

    Jesus would have lost his crown when he was tempted in the wilderness but he was armed with knowledge. So many have lost their glory today because of lack of knowledge. A lot of people are in captivity because they lack knowledge.

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    The Spirit of Might 

    Might talks about power-the ability to do work. God has an assignment for you but there are giants in your promised land. It is our job to possess the land but it is not possible without power. It is the desire of God to help you achieve your purpose in life. Empowerment is needed to excel in your race in life: the devil is described as a roaring lion looking to devour the saints. The only thing that wards off the devil and his host is power. Not even the spirit of madness will oblige a mad man to move near fire.

    The Spirit of God is the spirit of might; God needed the Holy Ghost to create the world, we also need him today to achieve our purpose in life. Jesus Christ could do nothing until he was empowered by the Holy Spirit. So many miracles were wrought by him under the anointing of the Spirit of God.

    We need the Holy Spirit today to excel in our lives. Life is a battlefield; hence, we must fight with the help of God which guarantees victory in every facet of life. Signs and wonders should follow believers according to the parting statement of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the glory of the latter house will be greater than the former. We are in the last days which started on the day of Pentecost as prophesied by Joel.

    The men of old like Elijah, Elisha et al did many wonderful things and we can do more today because they only had the Spirit upon; we have the Spirit inside and upon; hence, we should do more exploits. Any destiny that is not challenged is not of importance; the enemy soldier surrounded Israel but the prophet of God had chariots of fire surrounding him. The enemy lost the battle because of the help of God.

    You can’t succeed beyond your level of empowerment: Joshua commanded the sun to change course by virtue of the anointing of the most high, Elijah parted river Jordan, Moses led the Israelites to the wilderness via the parting of the sea…

    There is power in the name of Jesus but you must tap into it because it is not automatic. Your level of consecration, prayer life and the word are the determiners of the power level you can tap into. There is no great man in the kingdom that lacks these virtues. Samson had a peculiar anointing upon him but he lacked character, Gehazi could have gotten double the anointing of Elisha, but he lacked integrity, thus he became leprous.

    You must spend quality time in prayer, the word and live a holy life before God to tap into the grace of God. I will not be talking about the fear of the lord in the next post because I have covered it extensively.

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