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    John: 6. 63. It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

    If it takes the Spirit to quicken, and the word is infused with the same spirit giving power- it therefore means the word of God is a quickening agent. In the word is embedded a catalyst that speeds up the plans and purpose of God in the life of the believer.

    One of the modes of impartation is via the prophetic word. The word of God doubles as  the lord Jesus and the Spirit of God. When the word of God is released, there is a release of the Spirit of God making things happen. The word and the Spirit work together because the word of God is Spirit and life (John 6:63). The Spirit of God energizes the word, while the word sets the Spirit in motion. They are interdependent and interwoven, they need themselves to function.

    When the Holy Spirit enters into a place, there,s a release of power making the unusual happen. The Holy Spirit can’t step into a place without everyone knowing. Everything was normal at the upper room on the day of Pentecost until the Holy ghost showed up in the form of a mighty rushing wind. The Spirit of God wouldn’t have invaded the upper room without the word of God on that memorable day.

    The earth was without form and void until God said,’let there be light’- when the word went forth, light burst forth in the earth. The word of God is life, hence, when the word is released every dead thing or situation comes to life by the power of the Holy Ghost.

    We,re blessed by what enters our spirit not what we hear or see.  The following passages further buttresses this assertion:

    In Isaiah 9:8, we’re told of how the lord sent a word into Jacob and it lighted upon Israel. The Spirit of the lord entered into Jacob by the spoken word and he became Israel. There was an impartation via the word that was released.

    In Ezekiel 2:2, the prophet received an impartation when the word was spoken to him; he exclaimed-the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me and set me upon my feet that I heard him… By a prophetic word the spirit of the lord entered into Ezekiel to empower him. It takes a prophetic word to be energized and set in motion for exploit.

    The psalmist declares in Psalm 119:130,’The entrance of your word giveth light and understanding to the simple’.As the word went forth there was direction because the word of God is light according to the gospel of St John. It’s the entrance of the spoken word that gives direction in life.

    Lastly, the bible makes us understand in Genesis 2:7,’ God breathed into man and he became a living soul.’ The same word translated breath is also translated as spirit, which we understand to be the word; it therefore means God spoke into man and he became a living soul.

    Until something enters into you, nothing changes around you.


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    Its time to lend my voice to the Lagos Gubernatorial election scheduled for April 11th, 2015. In the words of the late legal luminary and Senior Advocate of the Masses, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, ‘The time to take an analytical and sober look has come, sentiment must not be allowed to replace reality and emotion must not be a substitute for the truth. ‘

    The fear and in some quarters disdain for the person of Gov. Tinubu will influence a lot of people at the polls this weekend. Let the facts speak- Lagos is on a progressive drive and not a reclining one as all indices indicate from the inception of democratic governance in 1999. Governor Tinubu did his best, while Gov. Fashola has taken it a step further with various developmental projects applauded by fans and critics alike. This is no mean feat irrespective of the IGR in Lagos state- let’s not forget the IGR is a by-product of hard work, dedication and pragmatic policies.

    A lot has been said about the person of Bola Ahmed Tinubu; while I understand his excesses, I also appreciate his strengths like other mortals who are not perfect. Come to think of it, if the creator has to wait for a perfect man before using him to advance his cause, who will the cap fit? Is it Noah the drunk or Moses with the fiery temper? No one is perfect under heaven. Nelson Mandela and Martin luther king Jnr had their weaknesses as well. Hence, I strongly believe if there’s anyone with reservations about Tinubu’s business interests in Lagos State, the person should head to relevant authorities to lodge a formal complain. Furthermore, the Freedom of Information bill will also aid you in no small measure.

    Another school of thought plan to end Tinubu’s godfatherism and hold on Lagos politics- I wholely support the quashing of godfatherism in Nigerian politics. However, to believe it will end overnight is to assume Governor Fayose is the President-elect of Nigeria. Systems evolve over a period of time and not in an instant as being desired. I do not believe the President-elect, Gen. Buhari is the messiah that we seek, nevertheless, he’s the best candidate we have at the moment. I believe the worst of Gen.Buhari may well surpass the best Goodluck Jonathan has offered us as a people. There is progress in the country, perhaps not at the rate we seek or desire- nevertheless, I believe with unity of purpose and dedication,we shall get to our destination as a nation.

    The process towards an effective state has commenced hitherto- One of the key players in this process is Governor Tinubu- Let us go down memory lane, when hurricane obasanjo swept through the Southwest in the year 2003, who held forth and survived the onslaught of the PDP rigging machine ? Tinubu. Who utilized every influence possible to claim back the stolen mandates with the exception of Ondo state? Tinubu. How did Governor Mimiko who lobbied for the support of Tinubu and allegedly made a promise to decamp to the ACN defeat Agagu? Tinubu. During the fight for the soul of the country during the dark days of Gen. Abacha, it was a man albeit abroad who played a vital role in the efforts of NADECO to rid Nigeria of dictator Abacha- he’s no other person than Tinubu.I have met quite a number of people who cite the Tinubu factor as the reason for their political Leanings against the candidature of Ambode come April 11th, hence the direction of this paragraph. I will not delve into the impact of Tinubu on the formation of the APC, a medium utilized to wrest power from the failure called PDP.

    For the past 16 years of democratic governance in the state,lagos has performed well irrespective of little or no federal projects in the state. The lack of Federal projects is in no small measure the handiwork of the lagos state PDP led by Bode George. They made it clear Lagos will only benefit from the PDP Government at the federal level if they held power at the state level. President Jonathan also alluded to this conspiracy when he promised to develop Ekiti state if Fayose won the last Gubernatorial election that was massively rigged in favour of the PDP in what is widely known as the Ekiti Gate Scandal. If the PDP wanted developmental projects to flow into Lagos state if and only if, it occupied Alausa utilizing its Federal influence, why shouldn’t the APC take advantage of its federal power to develop Lagos at the state level. I believe it will be the biggest mistake and a blunder at this stage to vote the destructive PDP into power in Lagos State.

    I have heard funny things not the least, we want change in lagos via Jimi Agbaje. It reminds me of the same school of thought that brought us to this present state where the dollar is at an all time high. During the 2011 presidential election, i heard from a lot of people, ‘we’re voting for Goodluck Jonathan and not the PDP’. I laughed at the funny disposition and never did believe the shoeless story that became his slogan during the electioneering process. The same is playing out today in the form and person of Jimi Agbaje- PDP is a destructive vessel, hence any passenger on board goes down with it. While I have nothing personal against the person of Jimi Agbaje, the ‘umblella’ he’s under is injurious to the development of Nigeria and invariably Lagos state.

    I was least impressed with Jimi Agbaje when he also echoed threats of war and destruction by the Jonathanians during the last presidential election. Jimi buttressed the evil threat to the Nigerian nation by echoing demonic sentiments of violence from the south of the Niger from clowns and terrorist who have at one time or the other carried arms against the state. When there was no developmental projects to lay claim to, Jimi advised us to vote for Jonathan because he felt we needed to weigh the perceived fall out from the presidential election. He even tried to advice us that the violence or mayhem from the Niger delta will be worse than whatever could come from the North. Is this the same Jimi Agbaje who wants to be the Governor of Lagos state or another? Please tell me it’s a different one.

    Are we also aware Jimi solicited for the support of Tinubu and when he was rejected,he decamped to the PDP? What kind of change can Jimi possibly represent in lagos- we must be careful with the change mantra as lovely as it sounds- I want change if it is good change, not the type being canvassed for on the altar of PDP. Moreover, who are those that will benefit from this ‘change’ in Lagos? Before i delve into this bucaneers, may i remind us how Jimi Agbaje won the Primary of his party in Lagos. There was an onslaught on the person of Obanikoro by Bode George and Ogunlewe. The process was massively flawed, else Obanikoro would have won the primaries easily. Jimi Agbaje is a beneficiary of a flawed process, yet we,re being promised change by the man that couldn’t abide by democratic principles and norms.

    It seems to me the only crime Ambode has committed is the Tinubu factor; my question is this, if Tinubu had endorsed Jimi instead, would you be comfortable with him or not? The choice of Ambode over Jimi for me is quite easy, it’s picking experience over inexperience. It is picking 27 years experience in the Lagos state civil service over a man who has never been a councilor of a ward in lagos. Lagos is too big a state for trial and error. Supporters of Jimi are quick to cite Governor Fashola as ‘inexperienced’ when he came to power. Nothing can be farther from this assertion- Permit me to delve into the background of Governor fashola- with a bachelors degree in law from the university of Benin and a legal career of one and a half decade in law firms such as Sofunde, Osakwe, Ofundipe, and Belgore where he gained diverse experiences to be conferred with the highest legal honour in the land, Senior Advocate of Nigeria( SAN). Governor Fashola also served the lagos state governent in diverse capacities in the following areas:

    Secretary of the Lands Sub-Committee of the Transitional Work Groups. 1999.
    Member of the panel of Enquiry into allocation of houses on the Mobolaji Johnson Housing Scheme at Lekki, 2000.
    Member of the State Tenders Board- 2002– 2006.
    Member of Lagos State Executive Council-2002-2006.
    Member of the State Security Council-2002-2006
    Member of the State Treasury Board-2002-2006
    Chairman Ad-Hoc Committee on the Review of Asset distribution among Local Government.

    He was Chief of Staff to his predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Fashola had during his tenure as Chief of Staff also dubbed as the Honourable Commissioner to the Governor’s office. He was the first person to hold both offices simultaneously.

    Now to the bucaneers- Some Lagosians are crying for the head of Bola Tinubu but invariably soliciting for the demise of Lagos state.I have looked round the political landscape trying to find a worst combination of political gladiators in a party but I can’t seem to find a worst combination than the trio of Bode George, Obanikoro and Ogunlewe.

    Bode George doesn’t need an introduction- his time at the NPA and prison speaks for him in no small measure, we don’t need more on this man who lacks integrity. Obanikoro has always been linked with thuggery- Lagosians haven’t forgotten the inferno that engulfed City Hall In 1997 under his tenure as the chairman of Lagos Island Local Government. I fear for the future of Lagos with men like Obanikoro . How about the Ekiti Gate scandal, does anyone need help to know the kind of man we’re dealing with? Lest i forget Ogunlewe who was sacked as minister of works and later endorsed Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for a 3rd term in office. These men will make Bola Ahmed Tinubu look like the Pope if PDP is voted into power.

    Not all that glitters is gold. . EKO O NI BAJE O.

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