The Spirit of Might

Might talks about power-the ability to do work. God has an assignment for you but there are giants in your promised land. It is our job to possess the land but it is not possible without power. It is the desire of God to help you achieve your purpose in life. Empowerment is needed to excel in your race in life: the devil is described as a roaring lion looking to devour the saints. The only thing that wards off the devil and his host is power. Not even the spirit of madness will oblige a mad man to move near fire.

The Spirit of God is the spirit of might; God needed the Holy Ghost to create the world, we also need him today to achieve our purpose in life. Jesus Christ could do nothing until he was empowered by the Holy Spirit. So many miracles were wrought by him under the anointing of the Spirit of God.

We need the Holy Spirit today to excel in our lives. Life is a battlefield; hence, we must fight with the help of God which guarantees victory in every facet of life. Signs and wonders should follow believers according to the parting statement of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the glory of the latter house will be greater than the former. We are in the last days which started on the day of Pentecost as prophesied by Joel.

The men of old like Elijah, Elisha et al did many wonderful things and we can do more today because they only had the Spirit upon; we have the Spirit inside and upon; hence, we should do more exploits. Any destiny that is not challenged is not of importance; the enemy soldier surrounded Israel but the prophet of God had chariots of fire surrounding him. The enemy lost the battle because of the help of God.

You can’t succeed beyond your level of empowerment: Joshua commanded the sun to change course by virtue of the anointing of the most high, Elijah parted river Jordan, Moses led the Israelites to the wilderness via the parting of the sea…

There is power in the name of Jesus but you must tap into it because it is not automatic. Your level of consecration, prayer life and the word are the determiners of the power level you can tap into. There is no great man in the kingdom that lacks these virtues. Samson had a peculiar anointing upon him but he lacked character, Gehazi could have gotten double the anointing of Elisha, but he lacked integrity, thus he became leprous.

You must spend quality time in prayer, the word and live a holy life before God to tap into the grace of God. I will not be talking about the fear of the lord in the next post because I have covered it extensively.