The Spirit of Knowledge

Knowledge is one of the most important pillars you need to excel in life. Infact, without knowledge others virtues will not profit you in life- We shall know the truth and it shall make us free. Jesus Christ explained to his disciples they had the ability to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. The disciples were engraced to know things others couldn’t comprehend. To walk with God we need the capacity to know the things of the kingdom. As a child of God, the Spirit of knowledge is available to help us understand how to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

Without the Spirit of knowledge operating in the life of the believer it will be impossible to understand the word of God and appropriate the blessings. The Spirit of God reveals deep things of the Spirit to the believer.

A lot of folks didn’t understand Jesus while he was on earth- the scribes felt he was crazy when he told them he would destroy the temple and re-build it in 3 days. They didn’t understand he was referring to his body not the place of worship. Jesus once inquired from his disciples’ peoples’ opinion of him- he got diverse answers, only Peter got it right. He made it clear the revelation came from God and not man.

The anointing of the Holy Ghost gives us the ability to know diverse things because the Spirit of God is omniscient. The Holy Ghost is a teacher-with his help we can tap into secret things needed to excel in life. Jesus Christ operated with the Spirit of knowledge and he was a delight to behold; the doctors of law were amazed at the depth of his knowledge in the word and they marvelled because he was unlearned.

Adam had the Spirit of knowledge operating in his life; he named the animals and his wife without formal education. Jesus Christ came to restore us to that very state of dominion and that’s the reason the bible says we have an unction from the Holy one and we know all things. In other words, the bible is telling us we have the capacity to know things beyond the capacity of the brain because of the Spirit of God.

Joseph was armed with knowledge thus he fled for Egypt to save the life of Jesus. People perish for lack of knowledge; God wants to guide us and teach us how to excel in life. Adam ignored knowledge and he was destroyed; Lot escaped destruction because he took heed to the counsel of the lord; conversely, Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt because she ignored knowledge.

Jesus would have lost his crown when he was tempted in the wilderness but he was armed with knowledge. So many have lost their glory today because of lack of knowledge. A lot of people are in captivity because they lack knowledge.