This is a generation that seeks the spectacular; hence miss out on the supernatural. We have diverse churches springing up merchandising the gospel in the name of miracles. I am not surprised by these happenings neither should you because the bible clearly warns us about the last days-these are some of the manifestations.

It is not hard to know what fuels these ‘miracle workers’ who feed fat on the sheeps’ they’re supposed to nourish, protect and nurture; the people are partly to blame because all they want are signs of the spectacular branded as miracles. To set the records straight, I believe in the manifestations of the sons of God; miracles are normal in Christendom and they should follow every believer according to the parting words of Jesus.

Nevertheless, what we have today is people chasing miracles instead of the opposite- we’re supposed to work for God, teach the word while he confirms the word with signs and wonders. The craze for the sensational has led many sheeps to the slaughter on demonic altars disguised as pulpits of God.

There are a lot of despicable things happening in the church of God today; while I admit it’s not a new thing, it has entered a new order. So many today are looking for the easy way in the kingdom; they want the fast-food life in the gospel. It doesn’t happen like that because our God is a God of order. There are no shortcuts in Christendom; there are processes necessary for the transformation or miracle you seek.

The Pharisees asked Jesus for a sign; he rebuked them and told them the only sign they will experience is that of Jonah. He made them understand the only sign they would visualize would be his death and resurrection. In order words, that’s the only sign that really matters. Our affections must be on things that are above and not earthly things because, the things which are seen are temporal, but that which is not seen is eternal.

Our lives must be word-centred; we must study to show ourselves approved and get a personal revelation from the word about Jesus Christ. Jesus once had a chat with his disciples asking them who people said he was: several names were brandished-he proceeded to ask for their personal opinion. Simon Peter rose to the occasion and declared,’ thou art the Christ’. Peter had a personal revelation of Jesus and it’s no surprise he became the head of the church when Jesus left the planet.

Another wonderful example that comes to mind albeit funny is the sons of sceva; they lacked knowledge, hence, they were humiliated. They didn’t have a personal revelation of Jesus- they only knew what Paul told them, they didn’t know Jesus. Ignorance will cost you- knowledge is the key to power.

I know your pastor is a wonderful preacher but you need to have a personal encounter with Jesus; thank God we have the Holy Spirit, our dependable helper and teacher who knows Jesus better than anyone-he’s ready to guide us into all truth about the master, the saviour of the universe.

Jesus is asking us the same question he asked his disciples 2,000 years ago, ‘but whom say ye that I am?’There is no substitute for knowledge if we’re to succeed on this planet; they that know their God, they shall be strong and do exploit. Hallelujah!