But Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added…. (Mathew 6:33)

What you decide to prioritize will decide your success in life. If you place priority on the right thing, you’ll reap the dividends. Conversely, if you put emphasis on the wrong thing, you’ll suffer the consequences. Your success in any endeavour is directly proportional to the direct investment of your time and resources in that area.

Scientist place emphasis on science; doctors on medicine; lawyers on law, hence they invest their time, energy and resources in the field; Shakespeare placed emphasis on literature, thus, he’s a force to reckon with it in the literary world. Good principles are universal, irrespective of religion, race or creed. Every good knowledge is from God; it doesn’t have to carry a biblical tag.

It is imperative to put things in perspective in our lives; economists are proponents of scale of preference to put things in order for efficiency. It is pertinent for the believer to devote attention to the right thing, for there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof, leads to death.

To achieve success in the kingdom of God we need to know what God considers a priority for his ways are not ours. The word of God admonishes us to seek first his kingdom to benefit from the largesse available.

We must be born again to be members of the kingdom of the most high God; Jesus must be allowed into our lives to permeate our spirit with illumination from the throne of grace. The most important thing in life is our salvation that we may escape eternal damnation. Furthermore, it qualifies us for citizenship into the most glorious kingdom in the universe- a kingdom of kings and priests. Until we receive Jesus into our lives as our personal lord and saviour, there’ll be no access to the throne of grace. You’ll agree with me, your bedroom is not for strangers, but for those you consider as family. In the same vein, the kingdom of God is meant for the children of God.

It is not enough to be a child of God; Jesus must take center stage in our lives- he must take pre-eminence in our lives. A practical example from the holy book is the reception held in honour of Jesus in the home of Mary and Martha. Martha was more concerned with the earthly- she was more interested in preparing food for the saviour; while there is nothing wrong in that, the saviour appreciated Mary who sat gracefully at his feet to hear the living word.

Another case study stems from the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus-the disciples saw it as a gullible act because they reasoned, it could have been sold, with the money utilized for something more ‘important’. Jesus made it emphatically clear as a crystal, in his response to their disdain,’ Ye have the poor always with you, but me not always’. (Mathew 26:11) Jesus was teaching them the law of priority which he taught Martha as well. We must learn to give place to what is really important in our lives for success in our endeavours.

We must expunge carnality and embrace spiritually- to be carnally minded is death, to be spiritually minded is life and peace. We must focus on kingdom service to enjoy the inherent benefits of the blessed kingdom of God in every facet of our lives. God pays better than the biggest organization in the universe; he is not a user of men, his generosity knows no bound. It stretches across the galaxies into the heavens; how else can we come to terms with his offer of a reward, if we’ll be kind enough, to give a cup of water in the name of the gospel.

We must embrace holiness for without which no man can see God- the righteousness of God must be embraced with all vigour and strength. Sin hinders the prayer of the saints; it is a destroyer and it keeps God away because he is holy. Conversely, a holy life enjoys the commitment of the creator. Irrespective of the height a man attains sin can bring him down- ask Samson.

We’re admonished to be followers of those who by faith and patience obtained the promise. Taking a look at the fathers’ of faith, one thing is very clear- they loved God and made his business theirs. Abraham, Joseph, David… were faithful with the things of the creator. They ensured he was first in their lives, making sure he increased while they decreased. Jesus Christ, though was in so much pain, submitted himself to the will of God.

I am not oblivious there are different keys to success in life; nevertheless, the most important is seeking the kingdom of God. It must be a priority- we must strive to please God by honouring him via obedience to his word. Let’s embrace a lifestyle of service in the masters’ kingdom for we are created for his pleasure to do good works which he ordained before creation. Shalom