Mathew 26:53, 54: Thinkesth thou that I cannot now pray to my father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels. But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be

Mathew 3:15: suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness.

When it was time for Jesus’s crucifixion, the scribes came to arrest him. In the ensuing milieu, one of his disciples reached for his sword, and cut off the ear of one of the scribes. Jesus restrained him, and healed the man who lost his ear; he made them understand, he could defend himself, but it was necessary, to go through the process.

The law of necessity must be understood and applied if we must succeed in life. Life is a phase, it’s a process that leads to a glorious end. Nevertheless, our God believes in order. From the life of our saviour, we can learn some valuable lessons. Jesus went through a very shameful, and painful process to liberate mankind from the devil. He came to get back what Adam lost in the garden of Eden; but for this to happen, he had to endure the pain of the cross, and subject himself to certain things.

Life will throw a lot of darts at us but we must remain focused to partake of our inheritance. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took a lot of investment and effort to make it an enviable state. A bachelor’s degree can’t be acquired in a day, it takes years of education with diverse challenges surmounted to get one.

Trials are the launch pads of champions- they are motivated when challenges come because they see an opportunity to be rewarded. Without the cross there’ll be no Christianity, without sorrow, joy wouldn’t be rewarding. Trials are necessary in life to achieve success; any destiny the devil doesn’t fight will amount to nothing. Herod issued a decree to kill babies because of one- Jesus Christ. Moses had a similar experience and would have been killed, but for divine intervention

It is good to have a vision, but it is necessary to have some virtues to achieve it: Discipline is required to achieve success in life; Joseph had to go through imprisonment to get to the palace. Jesus told Paul, he’ll take him before kings to preach the gospel. Do you know Paul went through the prison walls to meet Caesar? Yes, he did. God doesn’t reveal the process; he only tells us the destination. It took Paul several years before the prophecy was fulfilled.

Prophecy is not automatic, you have to war to possess your possession. God told the Israelites to go ahead and possess the land he’s given them. If God has given them the land, why the need to fight to possess it? It’s the modus operandi, of the creator and it’s been so, since the days of John the Baptist. God doesn’t change, yet he’s relevant.

There’ll be seasons of trials in your life, but be calm for the battle is the lord’s and he’s won already. Please understand something, God is not telling us to fight to determine the winner; Jesus Christ defeated the devil 2,000 years ago, thus, we received the power to destroy all the works of the enemy. All we’re told to do is to exercise our authority over the defeated devil and his little cronies.

Discipline can’t be over-emphasized to have a quality walk with God. So many anointed men have lost their place in history courtesy of indiscipline. Talent is not enough, anointing is not sufficient- discipline is the key. If Joseph had slept with Potiphar’s wife, he would have sold his glory, just like Esau. Discipline will see you through any trial the devil brings your way.

What you’re going through is because of where you are going; hang in there, you will excel.