While drafting a response to a friend’s comment on facebook who was worried about the different facets of life and the challenges that comes with them. I began to scribble a response to encourage her; as I began to write, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me and the short response initially anticipated became pages- hence the decision to bless you with it.

I want to appreciate the Holy Spirit for this powerful revelation: you’ll probably hear what you’ve never heard, but open your heart and analyze it according to the scriptures. I pray the Spirit of God grants you understanding. AMEN

I want you to know something today, it is normal for evil to happen in the world; please permit me to rephrase it- its abnormal for evil not to happen. Why this pessimism? People close to me will attest to my optimism and my positive outlook to life. Nevertheless, the truth must be told; the bible makes it clear; the devil comes to kill, steal and to destroy- 3 fold mandate of the devil. Why is it normal for evil to happen in the world? It is because the devil runs the world and not God. Heresy?No way! You mean God doesn’t run the world? My God doesn’t run this chaotic world. I am not trying to get your attention with that phrase; I don’t write, if I don’t hear from heaven, because you won’t be blessed, neither will I be satisfied. This is not just a blog; it’s a platform to mould and impart lives.

Take a walk with me to the Garden of Eden; Adam lost the authority God entrusted to the entire human race to the devil. As a result of the new change in baton, the natural state of man became evil-from that period, the bible makes us understand man was born into sin, hence, the statement ‘for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.’ Jehovah wanted a family; hence, he created man and gave him a companion to bring about the vision. Adam gullibly lost the authority to the devil; as a result of the high treason, the devil received that same authority. That’s why the devil could tell Jesus to bow before him for the riches of the world. Jesus never disputed the devil’s right to the authority and riches because Lucifer got it legally from Adam.

Ab initio, man was no 2 to God; the hierarchy was God, man, Archangels, Angels…that’s why an angel, once questioned God’s rationale for placing everything under the authority of man- he just couldn’t fathom why God would choose to give so much to man. But after the fall of man, the world order changed and the devil had a legal right to rule the world- that’s why he’ s called the prince of the world.

I want to enlighten you on the heavens- from Apostle Paul, we know there are 3 heavens-bible scholars agree on this as well. The 1st heaven talks about the galaxies- stars, moon and the planetary bodies; the 2nd heaven, talks about the kingdom of the devil and his demons- the bible emphasizes our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies- They operate in the second heaven. The third heaven talks about the kingdom of God- the good kingdom with the saints and angels. Unbelievers and sinners are under the 1st and 2nd heavens; thus under the jurisdiction of the devil. Can you see the reason some people worship the sun, while others study stars (star gazers and astrologers) – they operate in the 1st and 2nd heavens.

Please stay with me- God deviced a plan to get the authority back from the devil, hence-he sent Jesus to destroy the works of the devil and restore man to the glorious era-a plan that was a success. The bible makes us understand, Jesus defeated principalities and powers (present in the second heaven) and he gave the power and authority back to the believers (Luke 10:19; Mathew 28:18-20). Furthermore, the bible says, Christ has translated us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his son (relocated from the 2nd heaven to the 3rd where the throne of God is). The bible says we’re seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, therefore, when a person receives Jesus as his personal lord and saviour, that person crosses over from the worldly kingdom to the kingdom of God in the 3rd heaven. Conversely, unbelievers and sinners are under the devil and he can choose to molest them as he pleases.

What am I trying to tell you- A believer is seated in heavenly places with God and has authority over the devil; I am not in any way insinuating the devil will not attack you – we’re told the devil will come at us, but we’re more than conquerors, because the devil is defeated and we have authority over him. Jesus took the authority from the devil and gave it to Christians not the world- that is why I said God doesn’t run the world; he is only in charge of his family not the world. That’s why the bible says, the believer, though is in the world is not of the world- our kingdom is above. Are you getting the picture? The devil runs the world but Christians are not of the world, we’re seated in heavenly places far above the realms of the devil. The devil still has authority over the world; until the day Jesus comes to put him where he belongs, he’ll continue to torment the world. To be clear, God is omnipotent and can decide to do whatsoever he wants in the universe, but he can’t do everything he wants, because there are laws that can’t be broken. The bible says ‘shall we continue in sin and expect grace to abound’; in order words, do we continue to engage in sin and expect the blessings of God in our lives. God wants to bless and protect us but he can be prevented from helping us via our acts of sinfulness. God can’t do some things for those not in his kingdom-its akin to a man trying to kidnap another man’s child. God is light, while the devil represents darkness,thus it is imperative that we must come under his light if we want to benefit from him. God can’t go into the demonic kingdom to hijack people- he’s not permitted to do it. Its the way the system works; all God can do is to encourage us to come into his kingdom on our own volition. He needs our permission to do certain things.

God wants us to live and not die but if a man decides to jump from a story building, God wouldn’t hold his legs. Are you getting the point? Okay another example, do you know God had the power to prevent the serpent from entering the garden? Do you know God had the power to prevent Eve and Adam from eating the fruit? So why didn’t he if all the powers in the universe belongs to him? God has given us the ability to make our choices, he won’t bully anyone. What I am trying to tell you is there are some things God would not do; furthermore, there are things he’ll also like to do but if we don’t allow him, he can’t. Take for example, Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah; he negotiated with God to spare the city, if he found 50 righteous persons in it: Abraham realizing the wicked people resident in Sodom and Gomorrah, engaged in further negotiation with God to a number he felt could be met- God agreed he wouldn’t destroy the city if he found 10 upright people in the city. Abraham was satisfied the city had been saved; do you know the city was destroyed? The bible says God doesn’t want sinners to perish but that they should come to repentance. God agreed not to destroy the city despite the wicked acts and atrocities but he couldn’t find 10 upright persons in the city: which reinforces what I have been trying to tell you-we can prevent God from doing some things. When Jesus was in his hometown, he wasn’t appreciated- the bible makes it clear, he couldn’t do much- not that he didn’t want to; they didn’t have the faith needed to provoke their miracles.

The bible says the soul that sins will die; it simply means when you engage in sin, you come under the authority of the devil and he’ll be able to carry out his mandate (steal, kill and destroy). God won’t be able to help you because the kingdom operates under laws, which God is subject to as well- that’s why the bible says, his word has been placed above his name. In Isaiah 59, God makes it clear, his hand is not short that it can’t reach, neither is his hear heavy, that he can’t hear, but the sin of man has separated man from him, that he will not hear. There is a difference in not being able to hear and deliberately ignoring the person because of sin- that’s exactly what God is saying, when you engage in sin- he will ignore you and the devil will be able to exercise authority over you, because sin puts man under the authority of the devil. Think about it for a minute, if God took away all the powers from the devil, why is the devil still killing people? The reason is because God only took the authority the devil had over the CHRISTIANS not the entire world.

God had to grant the devil permission to afflict job because every upright believer has a hedge around him. When Samson messed up, his eyes were plucked out and he became a victim; when Samson walked perfectly before God, no one could touch him because of the presence of God.

The bible says we’re kings and priest, thus we’re supposed to reign on earth and do the works of God. Jehovah needs the services of you and I to carry out his work on earth; God has always used men to carry out his works on earth- we’re here to govern and put things right. While it’s a truism, God is the king of kings and the lord of lords; there are some things he can’t do, unless he does them through us (the believers).

I want you to move close to God, accept Jesus as your personal lord and saviour. If you haven’t received him into your life, say this short prayer:

“Lord Jesus, forgive me for my sins, I know you died for me and on the 3rd day you rose again. Come into my life today. Thank you Jesus for accepting me into your glorious kingdom.”

If you have said this prayer, I am happy to welcome you into the kingdom of priests and kings. I implore you to frequent this site and read all the articles; it’ll help you grow. Get a bible and look for a good church where the word of God is taught. I will like to hear from you, leave a comment below or send me an email

God bless you. Shalom