God speak to me

A lot of Christians are frustrated in a bid to seek guidance from God. You’ll often hear: “I want to know Gods plan for my life”. However, God gave us a brain for a reason – it’s to think and make rational decisions. I affirm we may need more insight from God in some areas.

Nevertheless, I have often realized commonsense is sufficient to cure the migraine of many believers in diverse areas. Who needs the supreme being to tell her to leave an abusive boyfriend?

Before you ask God for direction concerning a thing, will you be kind enough to acknowledge your impressions on the subject? A lot of people try to ignore their feelings and perception about a subject -this is laughable- there are diverse things we dont need to fast and pray for to access light because God guides us from the inside.

Some of the questions of the day we seek answers to requires a little wisdom but so many have allowed strange doctrines and ignorance to get the better of them. Laziness is also another challenge with many believers, hence people neglect the place of rational thinking, diligence, proper research to ‘wait on God’.

It’s imperative to know the Holy Spirit dwells on our inside to guide us into all truth (1 John 2:20). If you’re a child of God, there’s a commitment by God to direct your steps (Psalms 37:23). Hence, there is no need to harbor any form of fear you will miss it; If you’re in tune with the Spirit of God by living a Holy life, engaging in the consistent study of the word and embracing a lifestyle of prayer and worship, you’ll find it easy to access light on any issue. Holiness doesn’t connote perfection- It’s the deliberate effort of man with the help of the Spirit to walk according to the dictates of God. Some of the kingdom practices listed helps us to access the mind of God and stay in tune with what the Spirit of God is saying. Adam had fellowship with God-hence he could name all the animals without tutors; fellowship grants us access to the mind of the Spirit.

God speaks more than everyone in the world- Infact, that is the only thing he does. God upholds all things by the word of his power- everything God wants to see established comes to life by his word.

I will like to explain some of the reasons people have a difficulty hearing the voice of the Spirit. There is no gainsaying believers have access to the voice of God because Jesus alluded to the capacity of the sheep (believer) to hear the shepherd. (John 10:27). So why do people struggle to hear God? Let’s examine some reasons:

1. They haven’t developed their spiritual senses: A babe like young Samuel may lack the capacity to discern the voice of God (1 Samuel 3:1-10). Hearing God is an art that must be cultivated. It requires a discerning mind to understand the different channels of communication such as our thoughts, dreams, visions, the gentle voice on our inside and sometimes the audible voice of the Spirit.

2. They seek affirmation not guidance: Some seek God to confirm their decisions. They are not interested in guidance hence they may find it hard to get it. Some people want God to confirm their choice of a life partner- their prayers often comes under the guise of seeking direction from God.

3. Worldliness: There are quite a number of things that can distract us if we’re not careful. The social media offers a powerful opportunity to connect and access information that can be of immense benefit. Conversely, it could hurt us because it’s possible to be addicted to junks, gossips and negative contents on the platform. Consequently, this can prevent us from accessing the gentle voice of the Spirit