Your Assignment

God has engraced you for a particular purpose and season. In the midst of recession, God wants his children to be the light that shines in darkness. It’s not a cliché there’s only one you in the universe- I am not referring to your unique fingerprint. God hasn’t created anyone like you; Although there are 7.4 billion persons currently inhabiting the earth, no one has the capacity to do what you’re called to do. If Jesus tarries and the population of the world increases to 20 billion, there’ll still be no one like you on earth or in heaven with the capacity to solve the distinct problem you were created to solve. I will cite some examples from scriptures to buttress my point. Let’s take a walk together- shall we?

The Promised Land

Then the lord said to Abram, “know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners…for four hundred years. (Genesis 15:13)

The length of time the Israelites lived in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years. (Exodus 12:40)

There was a prophetic word the Jews would spend 400 years in captivity but they spent an additional 30 years because the deliverer engraced for the assignment in the person of Moses moved abruptly before the appointed time. A proper calculation would reveal Moses killed the Egyptian and fled in the 390th year of captivity. Therefore, Moses could have saved himself the anguish and pain of living in the wilderness for 40 years if he had been patient for 10 more years- the Jews wouldn’t have had to spend an additional 30 years in captivity as well. Your point exactly Kunle? Until Moses was ready, the Jews remained in captivity. Isn’t it scary to know if you don’t fulfill your purpose, lives could be destroyed. (To be continued)