The Path to the top is lofty but attainable. There are several ingredients and virtues needed to succeed and excel in your endeavour. I consider character the most important virtue any man can possess. It is the difference between a fulfilled life and a frustrated life. Please be mindful that yours truly is not oblivious that hardwork and brilliance in any chosen endeavour can take you to the top, but character deficiency will bring you down faster than the ascent.

Rising to the top is no longer news, but what has even surpassed the ascension of many stars is the humiliation of many into a pitiable life. I will give you some practical examples to buttress this point.

David, arguably the greatest king in the history of Israel was an unusual man. He was not just a King, he was also a prophet of God who was anointed, on three different occasions. At age 15 in 1019 BC, he conquered Goliath; at 30 he became king over Israel. Christ our saviour is referred to as the son of David by virtue of the lineage.  David is also credited with 73 of the 150 psalms in the bible. What greater accomplishment could anyone attain?

David seemed to have it all except a very big character flaw; he killed a man and took his wife. God was furious with him and made him pay in a very big way. His son died, one of his sons raped the sister whose death was later avenged by Absalom the elder brother. His son, Absalom, slept with his father’s wives in the presence of the whole Israel; He later tried to topple the government of his father so he could become king. I am sure you will agree there is no greater humiliation any man could have suffered.

Another character in the bible that had a character flaw is Archan. When God gave an instruction to the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua not to touch any property of the enemy.  Archan decided to steal some, the repercussion is better imagined. The entire family, his sons, daughters and properties were burnt and made a heap. (Joshua 7:19-26)

The effect of bad character is not limited to the individuals but could bring down organisations and nations. Archan commited a crime but his entire family was destroyed and set on fire. The Israelites were also defeated in battle by men of very low ranking, men of Ai. (Joshua 7:1-6)

A modern day example of Archan is the former Inspector General of police, Tafa balogun who was stripped of his honour and dignity because of corruption. The name balogun would forever remain in the archives of our dear nation not for his service as the head of the police unit but for corruption.

Strauss Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund was a favourite for the French presidency. He was accused of rape which truncated his presidential ambition and image. Today the name Strauss Kahn brings to mind rape.

A final example in this part is that of someone who could have become Nigeria’s ambassador to the United States. The United States government rejected him because his son was enmeshed in a rape scandal in the United States.