The fear of the lord makes a difference in all facets of life; Absence of it in a man’s life will lead to disaster. All the men that fell in history lost this attribute along the way. Let me take you down memory lane. Why do you think anyone would want to fight the king of kings, the creator of the universe? The fear of the lord was absent when the devil declared war and wanted to topple the government of God. He wanted to be the boss of his creator, it led to his end.

Adam respected the opinion of his wife than that of God, it led to the spiritual death of man. From time to time, I get to meditate on the power God entrusted with the first man. Adam named all the animals in the world without a PhD in Zoology. Where were the names coming from? Naming 10 Pets would be difficult for the ordinary man, but there was nothing ordinary about the first man before the fall. He lived perpetually in the supernatural. He had so much power I can only help but marvel. Perhaps you are wondering the power I am referring to, you may be having thoughts such as Adam never brought down fire from heaven life Elijah or Part the Red Sea like Moses.

Please oblige me to take you into the world of the first man; After God created all the animals, he had to put Adam through a test to verify whether indeed his product was in his image and likeness. Do you know God never taught Adam anything? Oh yes, Adam was that powerful. God didn’t need to teach him a thing because he was operating with the same frequency as God; he had access to everything God had access to. He had direct access to the mind of God, thinking like him and behaving like him. Adam named all the animals in the world with God affirming it was the same thing he had in mind.

When God brought the woman to Adam, immediately he performed an Adult naming ceremony for her. He didn’t need 5seconds to do that, Immediately, Adam saw the woman he named her and gave the reason for her name. I can wax rhetorical about Adam because it’s such a beauty to see the manifestation of the power of God. But Adam lost everything to sin, God gave him an express instruction not to eat the fruit but he disobeyed God. The Painful part is that the bible makes it clear the woman was deceived but Adam was not deceived. He knew exactly what he was doing; the implication is that he valued the opinion of another than that of God. The fear of God called the reverential fear was lacking, otherwise Adam would have reacted like Joseph when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him, the young man ran away because of the fear of God. Remember what Joseph told her, ‘how can I do this great wickedness and sin against God.’(Genesis 39:9). Friends that’s the fear of God in action which Adam lacked, he should have rebuked the wife and throw the fruit away.

Let me give you another example from the manual of life; the Jews had to wait for an additional 40 years before they could possess the land which God gave them. Perhaps you’re wondering how that has got anything to do with the fear of God. It has everything to do with it; when Moses sent the spies to go and spy the land, 10 of them came back with a bad report with the exception of Caleb and Joshua. They feared the inhabitants of the land than God who sent then and had won several battles for them. God was angry and they spent an additional 40 years in the wilderness. There are more examples i,m sure you can relate with in practical terms today. There would be no corruption, theft, assassination and other evil deeds today with the fear of the lord. The fear of the lord is not a spiritual gift that can be imparted; It’s by studying and obeying the word with the help of the Spirit of God that we develop this attribute. Hallelujah!