God has promised every believer a glorious destiny which is accessible in Christ Jesus. This doesn’t in any way prevent challenges from coming our way because it’s a way of life. I will like to take you through a biblical character because we’re admonished to be followers of those who by faith and patience obtained the promise.

Life is in phases and you must get a perfect understanding of the different phases to fulfill your glorious destiny. The men of Issachar are credited with a peculiar understanding of the times hence they became leaders of their kinsmen. I want you to know you will go through more challenges than unbelievers because we’re at war with the devil. I have good news for you because Jesus defeated the devil 2,000 years ago.

The bible makes it clear we’re royalty hence we’re supposed to reign on earth. If this is the case how come suffering and pain comes our way like God doesn’t even exist? There are situations that could depict God is no longer in the picture in our lives. God promised Abraham the fatherhood of the Nations but it took 25 years for the fulfillment of the promise. During those 25 years God took him through a process to be able to reign and handle the responsibilities.

God calls those things that be not as though they were. Joseph saw a glimpse into his future and it appeared he was foolish to tell his brethren of the dream. Joseph was sold into slavery and he ended up in the court of Potiphar where the Grace of God on his life elevated him to the leadership of the house. It doesn’t matter where you are if God is with you for all you need is God to meet your needs.

The devil reared his ugly head via Mrs Potiphar but Joseph refused to give in to the devil. He was imprisoned courtesy of the false allegation. Joseph also became the leader of the Prisoners because God was with him. The gift of God will always make room for you and bring you before great men hence, Joseph was brought before Pharaoh to interprete a dream his magicians couldn’t comprehend. As a result of this epic interpretation and level of wisdom Joseph was elevated to the position of the Prime minister.

When famine broke out Joseph’s brothers came to buy food in Egypt where they had to bow before Joseph by virtue of his status. Joseph remembered the dream he dreamt at this stage after so many years. Please take into cognizance he was 30 years when he became the Prime minister but he had the revelation as a young boy. Joseph suffered hatred, slavery, imprisonment but finally the vision came to pass. God will take you through a process to fulfill your destiny, it is often a painful process but at the end the vision shall speak.

Perhaps you are feeling down because of your present status or the hardship you’re experiencing, I want you to know it is only a process and if you will stay glued to God and not sell out to the devil you will excel. The vision is for an appointed time but you need to go through a process of preparation to sit on the throne. You will get there in Jesus name. AMEN