The Spirit of understanding places you in an enviable position amongst your peers in life. A powerful reference comes from the men of Issachar reputed to have understanding of the times, thus were head of their folks courtesy of the Spirit of understanding. The Ethiopian eunuch couldn’t understand what he was reading until Philip came along.

Joseph rose to prominence via his understanding of the impending economic crisis and prosperity in Egypt; he became the prime minister courtesy of the Spirit of understanding that was at work in his life.

Daniel is another classical example of a man who had the Spirit of understanding in a unique way; the bible makes us understand in Daniel 1:17, he had understanding in all visions and dreams. This gift played a major role in his ascendancy and relevance in Babylon. Daniel was sought when the finger of God scribbled some text on the wall; the royal household was scared but the queen knew there was someone who had the answer for the Spirit of understanding was upon Daniel.

The Spirit of understanding can help you close that business deal; it can also help you in your academic endeavours. I am a living testimony of this wonderful Spirit; in my undergraduate days, I took some very difficult courses which were difficult for me to understand ab initio, but God granted me grace and gave me a deep understanding of those courses.

There will always be challenging situations to contend with on earth but knowing what to do places you on top of the situation. Jacob had the Spirit of understanding working in his life while working for laban, he was able to devise a new technique to breed new species of animals. The Spirit of wisdom and understanding was at work in his life, hence he was a success.

Jesus Christ knew things in his days that surpassed the imaginations of the doctors of law; they marvelled at his understanding of the law at such a young age having not learnt. Without understanding there can be no salvation, for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.
The blessings of God can’t be appropriated without the Spirit of understanding and a victorious life in Christ is impossible without understanding our rights and status in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ made his disciples understand and of course us, ‘unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God’ but to others it is done in parables and they wont be able to comprehend because they lack understanding. Jesus Christ wasn’t accepted as God in some quarters while he was on earth and even to this day, some sectors dismiss the divinity of Christ because they lack understanding.

Understanding of the word of God is needed for success on earth because all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hid in the word. But it takes understanding of the word of God to subdue mountains and reign on earth. A lot of folks are poor, battered and defeated today for they lack understanding of biblical principles of prosperity. The gift of understanding is available for believers today but you must submit to God with a humble spirit to access understanding. You must be teachable and disciplined to partake of the Spirit of understanding. Shalom