I want to share a personal experience with you; several years ago, in my undergraduate days, I wrote a mid-semester examination which I failed woefully, I didn’t understand the course ab initio. I approached the lecturer and pleaded with him for a make-up test; he not only refused, but he told me, he would come to the lecture room to read out our scores. I couldn’t believe my ears at the impending embarrassment. I knew the devil was at work; I promptly went to God in prayer.

The countdown began and I was getting nervous as the d-day approached, after a while I put my mind to rest and I was prepared for anything. My faith wasn’t strong, I must confess, but God has a way of meeting us mid-way, when our faith reaches its threshold.

The day of decision came and true to the lecturer’s resolution, he had the file with our scores on his table. But the bible makes it clear, when the enemy shall come like a flood, the Spirit of the lord shall lift a standard against him. God has not promised us a life void of challenges. He made it emphatically clear, challenges shall come our way but we shall prevail. As soon as he brought out the file, a student walked into the lecture room and told him of an urgent meeting taking place in the senate room; he had to leave immediately. That’s how God helped me on that fateful day. But remember, the Devil left Jesus for a season, he came back later.

The lecturer gave us an assignment; we had the task of writing all the practicals for the semester in our record book. To my utmost dismay, I was given a score way below what he gave others for the same work. I was devastated, but I remained calm, because I knew the devil was bent on frustrating me.

To make matters worse, I fell sick about a week to the final examination. Guess what? The lecturer’s paper was my first paper. A night before the examination, I could barely lift a finger. But in the middle of the night, God woke me up and gave me strength and understanding of the course; I studied carefully and went to the examination hall to write my exam, which I did very well.

I began to study for the practical examination of the same course; we had to study 13 practicals but I didn’t, I picked the two easiest programs and studied them. It sounded crazy and you’ll understand why very soon; I was confident of picking the easiest one, and I didn’t hesitate to tell everyone, the specific program I was going to pick. Perhaps you’re wondering what I mean by picking, let me explain; the programs were ascribed numbers which were carefully written in folded papers; they’ll then be put in a box where you have to pick one. In other words, you’ll be picking at random; you could be unlucky to pick a program you find difficult; it was further made more complicated because, if you intend to pick another, 20 marks would be subtracted from the 60 marks ascribed for the practical examination. The probability you’d pick a favourable program is also slim, hence the need to study all the 13 programs.

On the day of the exam, a colleague waited to see what I was going to pick, for I had told him what I would pick. Before I entered the hall, I stretched forth my hands to heaven and declared ‘Bubble sorting’, the name of the Program. I entered the hall, dipped my hand into the box, opened the paper, and to my delight it was the Bubble sorting program, I wanted to write. Courtesy of the transparent louvers, I made hand gestures to my friend outside to confirm, I picked ‘the one’, I was elated. The testimony didn’t stop there; God is willing to do abundantly more than we can ask…We had to take turns in batches, for the examination and as soon as there was a free system, I was instructed to use it.

Surprisingly, the system stopped working, though someone had used it; I was told to wait for another system, which I did. I hopped unto the next system and this time around, it was the same story, the system was malfunctioning. I had to wait for another person to finish, before I could write my exam; the wait came to an end; as soon as I sat down, I heard the voice of his majesty, saying,’ check the system’; I couldn’t believe what God was telling me because, the systems were always formatted before examinations, thus, there should be nothing on the system. I told God,’ there can’t be a thing on this system’ but I obeyed the voice of God, for the bible says, ‘if you’re willing and obedient, you’ll eat the good of the land.’

I checked the saved files on the program, and to my utmost surprise, the copy of the bubble sorting program was on the system. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I could tell the source of the program due to the complexity of the program; it was from the lecturer. No student would have written a program in that manner, we would have written it in a simpler way. I ran the program and lo, it was working perfectly. I bet you can guess the rest of the story.

How the program surfaced on the system remains a mystery. Forgotten there? I do not know because they wipe everything from the system before examination. One thing is clear though, God led me to the system. When I got to the first system, I could picture Jehovah saying,’ no this isn’t the system son. I proceeded to the second one and my father said, ‘you are close but not there. Immediately I got to ‘the one’,’ I heard the voice of my father,’ check the system.” God has promised to lead us to green pastures and he did just that with me;he is no respecter of persons, hence, i know he can guide you to your glorious destination. I have several testimonies of the leading of God in every area of my life; it is the most important thing in the world.

I want you to move closer to God, because his counsel makes the difference in every facet of life. Shalom!

Rev 12:11: And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony…